About our residential offer

Sleepover Club has been repeatedly judged as Outstanding by Ofsted during annual inspections.

The setting has a very homely atmosphere and is popular with those who access the provision. They consistently report that they feel safe and happy being cared for by our highly trained and dedicated staff team.

Appropriate nights for residence are allocated depending on our ability to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of each individual and in compliance with the National Minimum Care Standards and Ofsted inspection requirements. It is good practice to provide an age appropriate placement for each child in our care.

A team of Waking Night and Sleeping in staff ensure that we can provide continuity of care.

We believe that the residential provision makes a real difference to pupils and their families. Pupils can enjoy ‘sleepovers’ and social opportunities with their peers and parents can enjoy quality time with siblings or each other, knowing that their child is safe and being cared for.

The impact of the residential placement on the educational progress and experiences of pupils is recognised by teaching staff and recorded on the six monthly placement review documents.

We plan and deliver activities each evening which are differentiated to meet the pupil’s preferred learning pathway. We make learning fun and work with families to support or give experiences to develop the child’s independence, their daily living skills, social and emotional skills and confidence and so reach the desired potential.

Activities are led and supported by our dedicated and experienced staff team.

Targets are set in line with those in school to support the EHCP / Statement objectives and we work alongside staff in school to enable pupils to achieve.

We are also registered with the ‘Children’s University Trust’ incentive which means that learning opportunities taken outside of the normal school day can be accredited towards awards. Graduation ceremonies led by staff from Staffordshire University, will take place annually. Families and guests are invited to celebrate their child’s achievement.

Pupil and family comments:

* loves Sleepover. He sees his bag and screams with excitement. He has matured as a person and developed friendships. We are and will forever be grateful for his placement and grateful to the brilliant, professional staff who are amazing with him and allow us as parents to feel relaxed knowing he is safe and benefiting, enjoying his time there.

As ever, Sleepover care for my son as a whole; practically, socially and emotionally without judgement or prejudice. Behaviour can at times be very challenging but staff consistently give a calm approach to this, showing him constructive ways to solve problems and communicate concerns.

Sleepover work with both students and the parents to help achieve the best results for both.

After his first overnight stay, a pupil was asked if he had slept well. He responded; “Yes. When I woke up I thought I was in a luxury hotel!”

The work you guys do with the children is remarkable. From 2½ years ago when * came to live with *, * and myself, she is a completely different person. Sleepover has played a massive part in the progress she has made. She has come so far in such a short time. I love the Children’s University. I have her certificates framed on the living room wall. They’re fab. Such a positive thing”.

We welcome enquiries from families and are always happy to show people around our facilities and to discuss what we are able to offer. Please call: Kim Thomas, Head of Care on 01543 417178.