Jun 8, 2021

Year 8 HPV Immunisation Session - Monday 14th June 2021

Please see the information below from the School Age Immunisation Team, regarding Year 8 HPV Immunisation Session on Monday 14th June 2021 and follow the links to book your child's vaccination. 


Dear Parent/Guardian

Your child is due their vaccination to protect against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  This is offered in year 8 as part of the national immunisation programme and is free on the NHS.

This vaccine requires two doses; the second dose is given 6 - 24 months after the first.  If your child is 15-17 years old when they receive the first dose they will require 3 doses.  The team will advise you of the dates the 3 doses are required.

More information regarding these vaccinations can be accessed through the links below, please ensure that you read the information contained in the links below prior to booking an appointment and giving consent for your child’s immunisations. You must have parental responsibility or delegated authority to consent for the vaccinations. 

Electronic Consent  - The School Age Immunisation Team is moving to electronic consents for the Adolescent vaccination programmes.  The use of e-Consent is quicker and easier to use, and can be completed on any electronic device. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all vaccinations are being offered via an online booking system (fUSION), you will need to register to use this app, once this has been completed you can book your appointment. 

Please ensure you know your child NHS number prior to booking, you can find this in your child’s “Red Book” or by using this link: 

Use the dropdown list and choose your child’s school, (please do not choose an alternative venue), you will then be able to choose an appointment slot, as your child will be in school they may not necessarily be asked to attend at the time you have booked. You will receive a confirmation email and text message with your appointment details on.

Please ensure only 1 parent / guardian books their child’s vaccination appointment to reduce the risk of duplicate appointments/vaccinations.

Please use the link: to access this facility.  We recommend you open the link in either Google Chrome to ensure optimum performance.  Code for accessing the registration page is 132

If you are unable to access the online booking system or experience difficulties using the system, there is a user guide available on our website or please call 0300 124 0366 for assistance.


School Age Immunisation Team

Rising Brook Health Centre

Merrey Road


ST17 9LY

Tel: 0300 124 0366