Vocational class teacher is: Wendy Arnfield

Wendy Arnfield

You can email Wendy on: wendy.arnfield@saxonhill.shaw-education.org.uk

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Vocational Group - Towards Independence

The Vocational group is one of the groups which makes up the ‘Towards Independence’ department.

The group is a vibrant, holistic and vocational group, where students are supported during their later years in education. All students take part in vocational based work experience both in school through The Community café & The foodbank and the wider community at Dobbie’s garden centre and The Craft Barn, along with Science lessons at our local high school, shopping trips and accessing the wider community, celebrating and enjoying life outside of school.

Students from the Vocation group, also take part in fundraising and charity work with objectives being set by the group, and with the overarching support of Rotary being part of an ‘Interact’ group.

All students within the Vocational group take part in accreditation which is evidenced through work experience and class-based lessons with many students leaving Saxon Hill proudly with a Diploma which reflects the differing levels that students achieve. Many of our students have what we call a spiky profile, this is where they might achieve higher in some areas rather than others. Our Open College Network West Midlands accreditation enable the student to raise to their full potential whilst taking part in a varied curriculum which supports next stages in their lives and The Gatsby Benchmark.

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