Elm Class

Elm Class teacher is: Steve Baker

Steve Baker

You can email Steve on: Steve.baker@saxonhill.shaw-education.org.uk


Elm Class – Explorers Department

Elm Class is a fun, happy, calm and engaging sensory based class within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our learning opportunities are based around sensory needs, allowing pupils to explore the curriculum using as many off their senses as possible.  We really enjoy using tactile awareness and light-based objects to engage in our learning, through play, Soundbath, Hydrotherapy, Sensory Stories, Sensology, Dance Massage and topic-based activities.  We follow a topic each half term, which is then broken down weekly into key questions and activities, which encourage independent exploration and play.

Communication is a key part of what we do and we all enjoy Intensive Interaction sessions, engaging with our friends and staff, using switches and exploring PODD boards.

We like to celebrate our achievements and what we have enjoyed through observations on Evidence for Learning as well as through our home/school switches (messages sent home for the pupils to play to their families). Pupils are equally excited to use these switches on a morning in class, to share with others their news from home.

Most of all in Elm Class, we like to have fun!


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